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Maia dreams of a future where giggles matter as much as gigabytes, having a good connection has nothing to do with your cellphone service and everyone understands that we’re all just muddling through this thing called life as best we can.

An Organizational Development Consultant for the McGill University Health Centre., Maia is a Certified Humor Professional (CHP), Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL), humorist and former host of the talk radio show, Morning Moments.

A member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and the International Society for Humor Studies, Maia’s writing has been featured in True Colours Magazine, Inspiration News and The Positive Psychology People and her message of facing life’s adversities with humor has been heard on stages and airwaves across North America. Previous clients include the Ontario Teachers' Federation, the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

When she’s not writing or speaking about heart-based leadership and how humor can boost resilience, Maia can be found riffing puns with her 6 kids, asking Siri for profound life advice or perfecting her sourdough recipe one rock-hard doorstop at a time.

My Approach

a joyful colorful tree full of flowers and birds and butterflies. Messy and beautiful as life.

You have to feel good to do good.

Having spent over 20 years as a Social Worker and Administrator in a variety of healthcare institutions, I have had the privilege of working along some of the most competent and dedicated professionals in our health, social service and education networks.

We can't possibly think about patient or teacher well-being without considering the well-being of the professionals who care for them or the organizational cultures within which they work. Motivation, engagement and quality service are built on a foundation of psychological safety, camaraderie and resilience. Time to lift up the HUMAN Resources of our Human Services and increase joy in work through positive leadership and yes, just a dash of that delicious, endorphin-releasing humor.

Why Us?

Maia giving a workshop on humor and resilience for healthcare professionals.

  “What I know for sure? That love and laughter might not cure what ails you but they sure will go a long way to getting you through those tough moments. That a deep belly laugh will almost always make you feel better. That sharing laughter connects us and that to love and be loved is all that really matters.”